Linen Collection

Quagliotti yarn dye chevron sheets design


Where: milano, chieri


A 360° collaboration: from collection design to styling and trade fair set designs. An intimate love story enduring more than a decade.
He creates full collections honouring the tailor made traditions and the rigorous quality of Quagliotti.

Christian’s extensive background in fashion allowed him to bring a fresh perspective to the collection.

Quagliotti bellaggio cotton pillow sheets design
Quagliotti sheets jacquards piping product design
Quagliotti_Grafite_yarn dye cotton sheets
Quagliotti coverlet chevron cotton design
Quagliotti flatiron sheets navy home decoration styling
Quagliotti_Zelda green sheets pillows
Quagliotti_New-England jacquards cotton beige home decoration
Quagliotti_panarea sheets pillows
Quagliotti_Fiordilino linen pleats
Quagliotti_Marcello-Malfile bathrobe
Quagliotti_Selene_jacquards sheets design
Quagliotti_PANAREA_sheets product design cotton
Quagliotti soho cotton quilt grey design
Quagliotti_LECIRQUE_tablecloth green dots jacquards
Quagliotti tablecloth jacquards bowl white design