Over the last two decades, Christian Rizzi has been refining his creative skills in styling, window display, spatial design and home decoration.

Christian develops visionary solutions, ideas and concepts for prestigious fashion brands, by analysing contemporary key topics and design trends.

Since 1994, Christian Rizzi has worked internationally with companies in the fashion industry including Malo, Valextra, Agnona, Ballantyne Cashmere, Masserano Cashmere, Quagliotti, Fontana Milano 1915 and MSGM.


From his early days has visual merchandiser and window display designer, Christian has honed his skillful eye to the world of photography styling. He finds constant inspiration from his daily life in Milan and his travels. Signing each creative project with his own distinctive style, he handles every aspect of the production according to the clients brief.

Advertising Campaign / Ph. Patrick Demarchelier

Window Display

Working insightfully, with a constant and continual respect for the codes of each company’s heritage, Christian conducts meticulous research into innovative materials and forms to create each individual installation. Every design project is calibrated according to the unique window layout, in order to present a consistent global image.

milano! milano! milano!


Spatial Design

Working for temporary exhibitions and pop-up stores, Christian’s spatial design aim is to match the brands’ needs with interior architecture, raising user experience, thereby recreating the definition of space.

Underwear Presentation @ Riccardo Grassi Showroom

Pop Up “COLLEGE” @ Hankyu Umeda Main Department Store Osaka

Pop Up “JEANS” @ Rinascente Milano

“FAKE BAR” Project @ Riccardo Grassi Showroom

Presentation @ Riccardo Grassi Showroom

Home Collection Presentation

New Collection Presentation

Product Design

Starting from the mood board and colour story, Christian’s product design is the result of contemporary trends and respect for brand heritage.